Upgrading to Windows 10

Should you invest in upgrading company workstations to Windows 10

Microsoft's latest Windows 10 was finally released in September 20015. Is it worth changing to this newest operating system across company workstations?

In short, yes. A resounding yes!

In our extensive tests and real world deployments of Windows 10 we found it be both highly compatible with existing and equipment AND well received by users, especially if the users were previously forced to suffer through Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 versions.

The biggest caution for companies planning to rollout Windows 10...
UAC (user account control) must not be fully disabled - either on the machine or through group policies. Disabling UAC will immediately cause a large portion of the included Windows 10 metro apps (like Edge browser and calculator to start) to not open.

Windows 10 will be the next Windows XP. The backbone, workhorse company workstation operating system that everyone trys to hang on to as long as possible.

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