Cordeos CloudShare Servers

Share Company Data and Files Securely with External Users

Your Own Internal "DropBox" Cloud Server

Implementing your own CloudShare server helps organizations easily and safely gain web-based access to important files and documents as well as sharing documents and files with external parties.
CloudShare provides fully encrypted, secure download and upload access for both internal users as well as sharing with external parties. Internal users will be able to conveniently share existing documents, photos, etc. and external parties can safely upload files directly to our system – and all the files stay completely within our own file server, security and backup systems.
Check out our fully functional demo server:
(Please contact our sales/support team for a test logon account)

Or take a look at how you can share files with others:
(Passcode is: abc123x)

CloudShare is an additional webserver placed in a DMZ or your internal network which hosts an SSL encrypted web site. After configuring logon and file server connectivity with your current systems, CloudShare will provide web-based access to files and the ability to share files with other parties.

Cordeos CloudShares servers are customized and deployed to your specifications, branding and security/network requirements.

For more information on Cordeos CloudShare server deployments, please contact our experienced technical team at cloudshare []

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